Scoping Missions Handbook


This lessons-learned document on mediation scoping missions was developed by mediatEUr staff as a follow-up to the scoping missions developed by the organisation in the context of mediatEUr’s project to support a European Institute of Peace (EIP). It is aimed at understanding the benefits and challenges of scoping missions, a tool used to assess the potential for mediation in specific conflict contexts, the primary focus of the EIP. 



Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 15.15.35The guidance paper looks into some of the key concepts for mediation scoping: what is the definition of scoping? What are the main stages? What should a scoping team look like? How can scoping mission be followed up?


The knowledge collected for this document was accumulated from existing mediation literature, the past experience of mediatEUr team members, and two pilot scoping missions (Kosovo and Myanmar) funded by the Swedish Foreign Ministry in the run up to the founding of the EIP.



In conjunction with the report “Conducting an Assessment Before Operation Deployment — A Case Study from Kosovo, 2013”, this document contributes to mediatEUr’s growing internal knowledge on the development of mediation scoping missions, and can support the work of organisations like the European Institute of Peace.