Background Paper: Peace Mediation, Power-Sharing and Transitional Justice: Challenges and Options for the EU

In its crisis management efforts in different parts of the world, the European Union is a clear supporter of power-sharing arrangements in numerous instances. Given EU efforts to step up its role as a global peacemaker, and its commitments to international justice and human rights, it is likely that it will increasingly be faced with a number of challenges in supporting power-sharing arrangements in countries in or coming out of conflict.

As part of the ‘Enhancing EU Capacity for International Peace Mediation’ project, mediatEUr brought together experts, practitioners and policy-makers in a roundtable meeting on 10 November 2011 to explore the relationships between mediation, power-sharing arrangements, and transitional justice. The aim was to develop concrete operational and policy advice to enhance the EU’s capabilities in this area.

This background paper served to inform discussions during the roundtable meeting. It identifies key issues in research, policy and practice on the topic. Section 1 gives a background introduction to power-sharing in conflict-affected countries; Section 2 presents challenges related to power-sharing; while Section 3 focuses in particular on challenges relating to transitional justice. Points of relevance and key questions for EU mediation and peace process support, discussed at the expert and policymaker roundtable, are drawn out and highlighted throughout.