Miguel Varela Rodríguez

Miguel Varela Rodríguez

Miguel Varela joined mediatEUr's office in November 2012. He is mediatEUr's Dialogue Innovation and leads on work to introduce innovative and technological approaches to mediation, peacebuilding and dialogue promotion and monitoring. He coordinates our Dialogue Support Platform project in Ukraine, coordinated our fact finding project in Ukraine and assisted several projects, including in the buildup for a European Institute of Peace and the review of the Kyrgyzstan Inquiry Commission.

With a background in Sociology, Miguel graduated in June 2012 from a Master of Science programme in Peace and Development Work from Linnaeus University in Sweden.

During his time at Linnaeus University, Miguel cofounded Peace is My Language, a student organisation for the promotion of peace & development issues, reaching  over 500 students with its events and outreach. 


For his Masters Thesis, Miguel carried out in-depth field research in Northern Mozambique. During his time there, he also created a humanitarian photography initiative to help raise funds for children's projects in Mozambique. 


Miguel previously worked for Pearson Education, in an external collaboration as a freelance photographer and editor.